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Across the Roof of the World: The Pamir Highway

The locals call it the "roof of the world"; the Pamir Highway is home to some of the most awe-inspiring scenery on Earth.

Fate and weirdness on the road to Khorog

The road to Khorog in Tajikistan rattled my bones, and took me along the Afghan border where I got to thinking about fate.

Dushanbe; Tajikistan’s Soviet-style capital

If you are nostalgic for the Soviet Union, Fearghas O'Beara recommends a trip to Dushanbe, Tajikistan

More than kebabs and vodka: A guide to Turkmenistan’s cuisine

Simon Proudman takes us on a journey through the world of Turkmenistan's cuisine!

Tehran: Iran’s beautifully ugly capital

Nightmarish traffic, disgraceful pollution... so why do I still love Tehran?

A Trip to Hell; Darvaza, Turkemenistan

What looks like a volcanic crater has erupted out of the desert.... Welcome to Darvaza, Turkmenistan

The Liebster Award 2017!

I've scored my third Liebster Award nomination - thanks to Sivan at Backpacking Panda!

Crossing from Turkmenistan to Iran at Bajgiran

Crossing from Turkmenistan to Iran at Bajgiran is easy enough - but the border officials take their job seriously!

The hidden gems of Khiva, Uzbekistan

Mosques, madrassah, mausoleums and minarets are are hidden behind the vast mudbrick city walls of Khiva, Uzbekistan.

What’s in my suitcase: with Voyager for Life

Packing for travel is a fine art, so here's what's in my suitcase, in a collaborative post on Voyager for Life.