Things Pakistanis Love!

"Stuff White People Like". "Things Bogans Like". "Stuff Indians Love"...
Pakistanis love things too. Here is an incomplete list of Things Pakistanis love!

An ode to Lahore…

I love Lahore - it's my favourite place in the world, and my home. This short interview is a great ode to the city I love <3

Espresso, Lahore’s coolest place for coffee?

In a cavernous, sunken lounge Espresso combines good food and drinks with cool chic style to make it Lahore's best coffee spot!

Journeys in the land of Biryani

Biryani is not just a dish, it's an experience. To eat it is to take in the subcontinent whole...

Howdy partner! Burgers in Lahore’s Johar Town

Howdy partner! From the outset, you know that this cowboy-filled, wild-west themed Lahore restaurant serves burgers, and does it well.

With Coffee Stories: My Travel Story

"Give a coffee, unlock a story" is the idea behind Coffee Stories, a meeting point for where we learn about other people's lives and brighten their day.

Pakistan celebrates Independence Day

Independent Pakistan celebrates its birthday today, marking the 68th year of its existence as a separate state for Muslims in the subcontinent.

Pakistan Traveller paperback edition!

I have chosen to officially launch the paperback edition of Pakistan Traveller by UrbanDuniya on 14th August, Pakistan's Independence Day!

Interview: Pakistani designer and blogger Hiba Arshad

Hiba Arshad is a fashion designer and blogger with an eye for unusual and different style. I interviewed her as part of Pakistan Week on UrbanDuniya.

Interview: Musician Umar bin Naeem

Umar bin Naeem is an up-and-coming musical artist from Lahore. As part of Pakistan Week, I sat down with Umar to talk music, Lahore and Pakistan.