The Start Of An Era: 20 years on, Friends still entertains

It was twenty years ago today that the first episode of Friends, the American TV show that became a cultural force for a generation, premiered in the United States.

Lahore Cinema Experience

A year after visiting a cinema in Pakistan for the first time, it appears that the Lahore cinema experience is very much a manifestation of the present social and cultural climate.

2014 Lahore Literary Festival celebrates city’s cultural heritage

The 2014 Lahore Literary Festival begins today, featuring a three day meeting of minds at the Alhamra Arts Centre on Mall Road.

Movies under the stars on Sydney Harbour

Sydney's spectacular St.George OpenAir Cinema opens tonight, with the premiere of Australian film Tracks.

Dhoom 3: Change of direction misses the mark

Franchise movies need to reinvent themselves to remain relevant. Dhoom 3 earns points for trying but fails in the execution, which could signal a labouring end of this hitherto fun series.

Turkish Film Festival promises “a cinematic delight” for Melbourne and Sydney

Australia's Turkish Film Festival is now underway in Melbourne, and on Thursday shifts to Sydney.

Tropfest short film festival held in Sydney today

Tropfest, the world's largest short film festival, is held in Sydney tonight, two months earlier than usual as part of a program rejig.

Melbourne’s cinemas under the stars

One of our favourite things to do is to watch a movie under the stars on a barmy summer's night. With summer upon us here in the southern hemisphere, now is the time to book a place at Melbourne's Moonlight Cinema.

Peace is the word at Sydney’s MCA with the Summer of Yoko

Famous peace activist and influential artist Yoko Ono will visit Sydney this weekend at the launch of War Is Over! (if you want it), the Museum of Contemporary Art's summer exhibition.

Inaugural Corroboree Sydney opens tonight

Opening tonight in the harbour city is Corroboree Sydney, a new festival based in the which promises to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture from across the nation.