Ramadan Kareem!

Today is the first day of fasting for Ramadan 2017 in many countries, and tomorrow is the first day in Pakistan and India. Ramadan is my favourite month of the year – a month long festival of community fasting and feasting, and a time to think and reflect. While it might sound like an unusual way to enjoy a festival, I’ll try to explain it; it’s atmosphere is like a combination of the festivities of Christmas, and the introspection of a good, thoughtful set of New Years Resolutions. Infuse that with a sincere sense of faith and the fact that the whole society slows down for a month to do it together.

It’s one of the reasons I decided to publish my recipe book about Ramadan, filled with 65 of my favourite recipes from the countries I have visited. Throughout the book is woven the story of Ramadan, from the first the the last day – a journey of food and spirit. Click here to order the book from Amazon.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be bringing you YouTube videos of nine more of my favourite recipes, cooked from scratch in front of the camera. All the action starts tomorrow – subscribe now by clicking here.Β Stay tuned – this Ramadan is going to be beautiful and delicious!

Ramadan Kareem to everyone!

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