Welcome to Pakistan Week on UrbanDuniya, a five day online festival of the place I call home. This Friday, 14th August, will mark Pakistan’s 68th birthday as a nation state, and the celebrations in Lahore, Karachi and beyond promise to be a riot.

Pakistan Week

My virtual birthday cake for the nation will feature daily interviews with interesting and inspiring Pakistanis, beginning today with musician Umar bin Naeem. Tomorrow I have a special Pakistan edition of my UrbanLegends travel bloggers interview series, featuring Ali bin Rizwan. On Wednesday we’re meeting designer and writer Hiba Arshad, and on Thursday we’re booked in with social worker and activist Ghalib Khalil.

Umar bin Naeem

Umar bin Naeem

On Friday, Pakistani Independence Day, we blow out the candles with the official launch of the paperback version of Pakistan Traveller by UrbanDuniya.

OMG it's tangible!! The first printed copy of Pakistan Traveller by UrbanDuniya

OMG it’s tangible!! The first printed copy of Pakistan Traveller by UrbanDuniya

What’s a party without music? Stay tuned to the UrbanDuniya Facebook page, where I’ll publishing links to my favourite songs from and inspired by Pakistan; a mixtape of passion for this great nation. Across Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts I’ll be reviving my old travel articles from Pakistan; great reading anytime, whether you’re a traveller or an armchair traveller. And on Instagram there will be a constant stream of pictures from Lahore as the city and the nation come alive.

Qawaali at Shrine of Kamal Chishti

Qawaali at the Shrine of Kamal Chishti, Kasur

Azadi (freedom), maaza (fun), rang (colour), ishq (love), and junoon (passion). This is the party of the year on UrbanDuniya, and you’re all invited!


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  • Andrew Reply

    wow! I decided to have ‘Central Asia Week’ this week. just thought i hadnt blogged on Central Asia for a while and trying to link posts via country in a row. But hey – an actual printed book! It looks wonderful Tim! Viva La Pakistan!

    August 10, 2015 at 9:38 pm
    • Tim Blight Reply

      Oooooooh Central Asia!! Love it! Looking forward to reading your ideas!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      August 11, 2015 at 5:15 am

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