Rio’s Olympic Cauldron will not be in Olympic Park

With less than 50 days to go until the start of the Olympic Games, the location of the Rio Olympic cauldron has been confirmed.

To run away from it all…

Sometimes we feel like just running away from it all. But what happens if we do?

Homesick: Ever so lonely…

The feeling that everything is at once familiar, yet foreign. Have you ever felt homesick?

Pet Peeves in “The Lucky Country”

My pet peeves about the "Lucky Country", Australia.

My interview with Andrew Boland

I'm normally asked about travel, but I was recently interviewed by Andrew Boland of Andy's World Journeys about the art of blogging!

Rio 2016 Olympic Cauldron: Where will it be?

Six months out from the Rio 2016 Olympics, speculation has begun about the Olympic cauldron. Where and what will it be, and how will it be lit?

Things Pakistanis Love!

"Stuff White People Like". "Things Bogans Like". "Stuff Indians Love"...
Pakistanis love things too. Here is an incomplete list of Things Pakistanis love!

The Departure Lounge

When people move on, out of our cities, we are faced with a decision; to remain, or to move with the times. I call this place "The Departure Lounge".

2015: A Year in Review

Thank you 2015, the year of fun. Here's to 2016, the year of mindful bliss!


When all that's left is beautiful floating nothingness...