Surprisingly classy: the new Qantas inflight safety video

Surprisingly classy: Deconstructing the new Qantas inflight safety video as a cultural piece.

Australia: is anti-social behaviour the norm?

Why was so little of Jimmy Gargasoulas' anti-social behaviour before the Melbourne attack considered unusual?

11 things which drive me mad about Pakistan

I love Pakistan, Pakistani people, and life here. But there are things in Pakistan which drive me so mad they make me wanna.... write a post about them!

2017 is gonna be BIG!

With 2016 nearly in the bag, lets talk about 2017 - it's gonna be BIG!

Was 2016 a shit year for you too?

Is it just me, or was 2016 often just a bit shit?

Black Friday in Pakistan. Yeah, really!

When did a discounted shopping day from North America go global? And since when did Black Friday become a thing in Pakistan?

The “hot chaiwallah”, fame and Pakistan

Pakistan's "hot chaiwallah" has got me thinking about why everyone wants to be famous - and whether in fact they do or not.

We Don’t Sleep…

In what is becoming an annual tradition, this is my latest attempt at poetry/prose inspired by the events of Karbala.

Candlestick Street and the love of writing…

I travelled to a Brussels street to pay homage to my friend's wonderful writings, and to try and better understand the love of writing.

Rio Olympic cauldron lights up the night

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro have kicked off in style, with a spectacular opening ceremony at the city's MaracanĂ£ stadium.