Airline tail art: Corporate creativity

Airline tail art can be based on a variety of inspiration; national colours, local culture or business image.

Airline tail art: Emblems and icons

A flag carrier doesn't always have to carry the flag; in fact a nation's official airline's art might just as likely to depict a crest, a government symbol, or a national icon.

Airline tail art: Flying the flag

A flag carrier often carries the nation's flag, or a stylised flag, as part of the airline's tail art.

Airline tail art: More winged wonders!

Homa, horus and angels... birds or mythical creatures often serve as inspiration for airline tail art.

Airline tail art: Flying fauna!

Airline tail art often uses birds as inspiration for its livery, painted in a variety of colours and styles.

Airline tail art: the masterpieces in our skies!

Some of the most interesting, beautiful and impressive examples of airline tail art from around the world!

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